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Camerashy Photography is a multi award-winning photography business based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Scott is your Photographer and Carrie is your Client Relations Manager.

Scott is a Master Photographer and 2022 Scottish Commercial Photographer of the Year.

Carrie is on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide support wherever you need it. We know how important communication is when you are planning a shoot for your business, so wherever possible Carrie will reply to emails within the hour.

A good chef knows the impact of food aesthetics and takes immense pride in creating a dish which looks as good as it tastes. At Camerashy, we show that same passion and flair for the food in the images we create for your restaurant.

We also insist on representing your dishes exactly as they are served to your clientele so we never embellish, glaze or treat your food in any way to change the appearance. We pride ourselves on creating an exact representation of your menu so that when a diner sees it on your website or in a magazine, there is a sense of satisfaction when they see it on their plate.

Before your shoot we will arrange for Scott to visit your restaurant to discuss your expectations and plan the logistics of your photography. All our food photography is carried out on your own premises to ensure the ambience is accurately represented in your photographs, and we work at a time to suit your business needs. On the day of your shoot, Scott will set up a bespoke rig which allows him to capture each dish from above and from the front simultaneously, providing you with a range of images while maintaining the freshness of the dish. We aim to photograph each dish within minutes of it leaving the kitchen.

Pricing & Delivery. . .

Your images are presented to you in a secure, online gallery with full download facilities built in.

We do not charge a premium rate for food photography; our pricing structure remains the same as any other commercial work we undertake.

Our rate is £195.00 for the first hour, then £95.00 for each hour thereafter (additional half hour charged at £50.00 with up to six hours maximum per day).

Additional charges apply for travelling distances more than 25 miles from Edinburgh.

Our price is based on the time Scott spends working on your premises, but includes all editing, post processing and image formatting carried out after your shoot. We are also able to create staff profile photographs and interior images should this be needed, so please ask about this at the time of booking.

You can learn more about Camerashy Photography or read some of our independently verified reviews by clicking the images below.

Further Information

We work flexible hours, seven days a week, and are able to work in challenging conditions. If you have a preference to specific days or times to suit your business, we will do our very best to accommodate your requirements.

If you have any queries about our work, would like to discuss your needs further or would like to book us to photograph your food, please click the link below to contact Carrie.

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