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Why are professional headshots of your team so important to your business?

Prospective customers will be deterred by amateur quality photographs, selfies or no image at all. When we look to a business for a product or service, we look at the people involved. It’s a human thing. If we like the look of the staff we are more likely to deal with them. Having professional photographs of you and your team on your website and social media will not only project a professional image of your business, it will greatly improve the likelihood of those prospective customers becoming actual customers.

© Camerashy Photography

While everyone in business appreciates the importance of having excellent headshots of their staff, the logistics of getting to a studio and the loss of working time usually prove too restricitve. This is why your Camerashy headshots are created on your own business premises - even if you work from home!

As the name suggests, Camerashy Photography specialises in working with people who do not necessarily enjoy being in front of the camera. We employ a very informal process which has proven to give fantastic, professional results regardless of any apprehension you may have.

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Our commercial package is fully scalable to accommodate any size of business and gives you the scope to use the images for whatever business needs you may have.

Here's what's included:

- Professional shoot at your business premises

- Complete professional post processing, editing & retouching. We will make sure you look your very best!

- Private online gallery to view your images as soon as they are ready

- Images provided on disc in three formats:

--- Full size for printing

--- Web-ready format for you to use on your company website, internal newsletters and staff profiles etc.

--- Square format for LinkedIn profile etc.

- Camerashy Photography is fully insured to work in your business premises (including if you work from home) and our work is fully guaranteed

© Camerashy Photography

Pricing is kept simple and scalable for any size of business.

Our rate is £150.00 for the first hour then £75.00 for each hour thereafter, up to 8hrs maximum per day.

If more than one day is required, £150.00 will be charged for the first hour of each day.  

While pricing is based only on the hours spent on location, all subsequent editing & processing etc. is fully inclusive.

Please contact Carrie for a quotation based on your specific requirements by clicking the button below.

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