International Master Wedding Photographer of the Year

- 2022 International Master Photography Awards -

Scottish Commercial Photographer of the Year

- 2022 Scottish Master Photography Awards -

About Camerashy Photography

About Scott & Carrie

Who are we?

Camerashy Photography is an Edinburgh based business offering photographic services of the highest standard in both a private and commercial capacity.

Our work is extremely diverse, ranging from premium wedding photography, to Michelin star food imaging. We have the capability to work in wide-ranging weather and light conditions anywhere in the world, consistently producing images of the highest standard.

Scott Near is our Master Photographer and Creative Director, bringing decades of photographic experience and a perfectionist attitude to detail.

Carrie Duncan is our Client Relations Manager and is here to ensure all of our clients are taken care of throughout the process of their booking and beyond.

Carrie and Scott are business partners and life partners. Both are completely passionate about everything Camerashy represents and both are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of each and every client we work with.

About Scott...

Scott has been a professional photographer now for well over a decade, during which he has photographed people in all corners of the globe. In 2020 Scott qualified as a Master Photographer, ranking him amongst the top photographers in the country.

Additionally, Scott has won many Awards and International Merits, including an 'Award of Excellence' in the Scottish Master Photography Awards, Gold and Silver awards for Excellence in Wedding Photography and was an 'International Advertising Photographer of the Year' finalist in 2020. 

Scott's work has been included in 22 International Photographic Exhibitions to date, at prestigious venues in cities around the world, including New York, Paris, Milan, Melbourne and Singapore, amongst others.

When he's not working however, Scott loves travel, good food, craft beer and a good box set!

About Carrie...

Carrie has an extensive background in client relations, spending over 22 years with one of Britain's leading recruitment agencies. Throughout her career in recruitment, Carrie specialised in building solid relationships with her clients which led to her becoming the company's highest achieving consultant in the UK.

This in-depth experience of working with people has transferred perfectly to her role with Camerashy where she has become key to the success of the business. 

When she's not working, Carrie also loves travel and good food, a nice glass of wine (or two!), a good book, socialising and yoga.

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